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Launched on January 1st, 2007, Eternal Destiny is the first fan-fiction community archive of its kind to pay homage to the sole pairing of InuYasha & Kagome from the anime/manga, InuYasha.

Here, we cater to IK fans by restricting our selections so our members don't have to comb through hundreds of stories in hopes of avoiding unwanted alternate pairings. Our message is loud and clear.

InuYasha & Kagome. Period.

Eternal Destiny cordially invites authors of our favorite pairing to post their work amongst fellow enthusiasts. If you're an avid reader, kick back and let our talented writers entertain you. We accept all forms of prose from poetry and drabbles, to short stories and full-length novels. Our community also offers an annual "Hall of Fame" induction, The Eternal Legends, as well as a gallery of lovely artwork created by our members.

We hope you'll join us!



In an effort to bring attention to our authors and encourage feedback, each month we will be promoting a different fiction. If yours is chosen, you will grace the main page for an entire month, receive a special banner on your story's summary, and it will be known throughout the site that yours is a recommended read. Featured fictions are chosen randomly, so watch your account because your story may be next!

The girl who traveled through time and the dog eared youth by Angelhart Salacious
This is a post-manga/anime fic. Inuyasha and Kagome play out a fantasy, but the problem with fantasies is that when real life intervenes it doesn't always go the way as planned.
Blackout by King Baka Salacious
A night of celebration yields life-altering consequences for Inuyasha and Kagome.  Can they weather the storm, or will the consequences of their actions prove too much to handle?
A Secret Rendezvous by Angelhart Salacious
Inuyasha is exploring the pros and cons of a human night with Kagome.
Highway to Hell by chelseatygers Salacious
Kagome comes home from an average day at school to a shocking scene. Her life is torn apart and the one responsible wants to take her on a road trip and "get to know" her. Will he drive her across the country or just drive her crazy?
Unwind by Angelhart Salacious
Kagome has returned to her world for some studying and another test. An unexpected visitor helps her to unwind. (one shot)
Tree Level by Angelhart Salacious
Keeping their relationship a secret isn't always easy. And when they finally have some time together Inuyasha and Kagome find themselves forced to move to higher ground.
Lemon Tree by Angelhart Salacious
The sequel to 'Claim'The timeline is between episodes 20 and 21 of the Final Act.
Man Like That by Kinky-Hoe Salacious
AU. Kagome's job is to give advice to self-conscious, average women, since it's the story of her life. Struck by a curse that makes her attractive only to already taken men, she can't help but laugh at romance, marriage, lovesick girls, etc. When her ridiculously perfect sister turns into a bride...
Secret Base by Kinky-Hoe Salacious
Set in Japan's Golden Sixties. Kagome Higurashi is a young woman about to marry Akitoki Hōjō, a wealthy man from the city. Raised to be a wife under traditional beliefs, Kagome doesn't discuss her position, until the bastard son of a influential businessman makes it his mission to teach her...
Uncontrollable by Kinky-Hoe Salacious
Inuyasha Taisho was never the brilliant type of person; a case-deprived lawyer, an empty wallet and an apartment literally falling to pieces. Add to this his helpless attraction to his seventeen-year-old hostess and he's potentially screwed. Told in little bits of fiction.